Delhi Dynamite starts with a draw against Mumbai Movers

Delhi Dynamite starts with a draw against Mumbai Movers


Aradhya Garg was Dynamite’s unlikely hero as the team clung on for a half-point in an impressive 8-8 draw at PRO Chess League on Thursday.

Each match is a set of four all-play-all rounds. The first round was drawn while Mumbai took the lead by winning the second round. Delhi came back into contention by winning the third round.

The match drawn after three rounds, all three results were possible going into round four. The pressure was high and untitled Aradhya Garg faced higher rated IM Harshit Raja on board four. Both the players were winning the game at different points. The nerve wrecking game left worldwide spectators and commentators to root for “the underdog”.

In the end, the game was a draw and the match was a thrilling 8-8 draw.

Delhi Dynamite Celebrating after Hard Fought Draw. Team celebrating after hard fought games.

Dynamite’s star player GM Abhijeet Gupta showcased outstanding form, scoring 3.5 out of 4 rounds. Abhijeet made a great start to the Dynamite’s campaign.


Abhijeet commented, “It was pretty tense. In the end, Aradhya’s game was a nerve breaking draw for us. Credit goes to Mumbai for drawing against us.”

Speaking about his own regal performance, he said, “Personally, some of my games were pretty clean. The game I drew against GM Abhijit Kunte was very complicated. In the end, maybe he could have played for a win as well. Other than that, I think my games were pretty good.”

GM Vaibhav Suri went for a kill in all four games. He said, “In round one, I started off with Black against Abhijit Kunte. I played a pretty good game. Second was against IM Harshit Raja. Unfortunately, it didn’t go as I planned. Third game against Diptayan Ghosh turned out to be into an interesting game which ended in a draw.”

The grandmaster admitted that some decisions in the fourth round were too costly. He said, “After seeing games of other boards, I took some unnecessary risks in a pretty decent position against Abhimayu Puranik. The risky play cost me the game and eventually I lost. Nevertheless, it was a fun experience to play for Delhi.”
Reigning Indian Champion GM Lalith Babu scored critical victories against GM Diptayan Ghosh and IM Harshit Raja.
Diptayan succumbed to Lalith’s fighting spirit in the second round.
After three rounds, everything boiled down to Aradhya’s game against IM Harshit Raja. The pressure was too high. Fans and spectators were in for a roller coaster ride.

Live Commentators of the Eastern Divison GM Simon Williams and IM Anna Rudolf cheered for the “underdog”. 
“Firstly I believe that I had a better position. However, I think was taking too much pressure and slipped into a minus position—a really lost position. But then I think even Harshit took too much pressure. I wasn’t sure about the position, we kept playing the game. There were some moments when I was winning again. But in the end I just tried to resist as much as possible. The defensive approach worked to secure a draw,” Aradhya commented.
Both the team clearly were extremely ambitious—going for the kill. The games were very interesting and nerve biting. It was unclear exactly who was going to win until the very last moment. Yet, Dynamite fought bravely for an impressive draw.

But after falling behind early and mounting a comeback, it can be safely said that Delhi snatched a draw from the jaws of defeat. Cheer for Delhi Dynamite as the team takes on Oslo Trolls on January 25 in this second edition of the Pro Chess League.