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Eagles eclipse Dynamite

Eagles eclipse Dynamite

Jan 31, 2018, 11:54 PM 0

Dynamite had a heart-breaking day against Armenia Eagles. The race between triumphs and heartbreaks boiled down to the last few minutes of the match.

The match was almost a draw, until, an unfortunate pre-move cost a point to the Dynamite. Eagles defeated Dynamite with 8.5-7.5.


Dynamite’s GM Salem Saleh employed the classy staple of romantic era—King’s Gambit, against GM Manuel Petrosyan in round 2. He produced a pure masterpiece with his aggressive play. Browse the game below. Don't miss it.

Eagles Hrant Melkumyan couldn't match the speed of GM Vaibhav Suri in round 1. Things went downhill for Hrant on move 25, Vaibhav seized the opportunity and grabbed pawns to convert into a winning rook endgame. 
Vaibhav went on to become the highest scorer for Dynamite in the match night after scalping two higher rated opponents. 
Aradhya's game last round game against Manukyan Artak had many twists and turns. On what turned out to be a psychological ploy during the crucial middlegame exchange (See the picture below), Aradhya was offered draw twice in a row which he immediately declined. 
Aradhya captured the Bishop on e6 and anticipated fxe6. 
Surprisingly, Black captured the Queen on d1.  
It was too late to retake the Queen. White made the pre-move Be3. Ouch!
Thus, Delhi chances to book a place in the quarters have taken a hit. But the team is as motivated as ever to make a comeback.
The next game is on 4 February, titled the Super Sunday where Delhi takes on Cannes Blockbusters of Central Division to start a mini-tournament. Details can be found here

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