Divine Minds

Oct 29, 2007, 3:47 PM |
What if the Divine mind of God, our Creator, was like an attic. An infinite attic of all that has been and all that forever will be. We’d find it there. Right there. Tucked behind the blueprints of the Universe. To the right of the secret chest housing tomorrow’s hail. Or, perhaps on the shelf, twenty-third from the bottom, next to the schedule of the Earth’s tides. Our very own View-Master viewer inscribed with our name. And though it’s been up here since before the foundation of the world, it still has that fresh, out-of-the-box radiance that would exhilarate any child on Christmas morning.

The slides on the reel, created in the most vibrant array of colors, reveal our life, His purpose for us, just as clear as the day He foreknew us. Let’s take it for a spin; peruse the still frames one by one. Remember the challenges you faced as a child? The quest to find your voice and do the right thing as a teenager. The misunderstandings, broken hearts and promises from loved ones. The triumph of achieving your goals and dreams. The hurt that wouldn’t quit, producing nights of silent screams. Yes, God has foreseen it all.

Yet, for many of the slides, we see nothing but the darkest midnight. No light, no vivid colors. Shaking and tapping the View-Master we wonder, “Why are these slides still blank?”

Surely our life is not some unfinished novel by an Author stuck on page 122 of 550. Our Heavenly Father, the One not subject to surprises, incapable of being punk’d, He always finishes what He starts… and it’s good! We acknowledged His goodness on every past slide.

At what point did our Godly hindsight dim (retrospect), making it harder to find the path to Godly foresight (Faith)? It's easy for us to identify God’s hand at work in past chapters of our life. Our faces beamed with confidence with every click of the View-Master, that is, until we viewed the slides of today’s challenges, unable to see the triumph already prepared for us. He is not only our Author, but a Finisher whose pen never runs out of ink.

As I continue to matriculate through the University of Life, I admit, I’ve switched majors a couple of times. Rode the seesaw between faith and doubt. But now I’m ready to see every slide He foresaw, ready for God to fill in the blanks. I desire to LIVE the life of abundance, which He predestined as my birthright, and trust Him beyond what I can physically see.

“Master, what have You viewed for me? Please teach me to see that, too.”

As soon as we begin to see ourselves, our lives, as He foresaw us, the journey through destiny will be one of Godly foresight and gratitude – supported by countless, precious memories from His attic.

Now...next slide, please. Ahh, simply beautiful!