Chess Master GrandMaster edition.

Mar 18, 2008, 9:07 AM |

    I have been studying with ChessMaster GrandMaster Edition. It been a long two week's for me. As well playing my game's here while studying. I should've went onto vacation, but I would had a feeling my training wouldn't be used. In the middle of my study's I been noticing move's I shouldn't have done in game's. I correct my self with the calculating each move I can make. I learn to do that by listening to what Josh Waitzkin was talking about in calculation in chess. I been through the most of he's course's. And I haven't gone to see his Psychology of Competition and Annoted game's part of it. But soon I will.

    As well the fact of Larry Christiansen attacking course helped me out along the way. learning about how attacking can be usefull in a game or be horrible if played the wrong move. Never the less the round's he played against ChessMaster9k. I thought about move's that weren't even close to his thought's. Which is what I been doing in each activity. Thinking each move out. Which move is best and what can happen with that move.

     And lastly the last course. ChessMaster series. I have finish the beggener tutorial and drill's. Still working on the intermidiate section. Giving me a hard time but is well worth the learning. As well the teachings are very helpfull to me. And I been using my new skill Calculation on the game's here I been playing. Ever since I started training with Chessmaster Grandmaster edition my points went up by 200. Soon I wish to advance more. And I'll take my place into heading to the opening sections of Chessmaster Edition when I finish all the course's which might be in month's since each test I take in tutorial I still make the bad move's. But soon I hope I be making the right one's.


My thought on ChessMaster GrandMaster edition a clean 10/10 with me.  I gain 200 point's on this site rating. And Im beggining to see move's I wasn't able to see before training with ChessMaster Grandmaster Edition. That is all I have to say

-Roger F.