Bayshore Chess Club

Aug 31, 2012, 6:04 AM |

Last night, I attended the Bayshore Chess Club, located at the Bayshore-Brightwaters Public Library. The library is small but very elegant, and the club itself is a relax environment with some good players and nice people. The free coffee and proximity to my apartment are nice perks.

I played two games (no time control, but roughly somewhere between a 5 or 10 min game) against a very strong player named Henry and had an unfinished game against Charlie. They have been recreated from memory (some moves may have been transposed) and are provided below with light annotations.

In my first game against Henry, I got a surprisingly good game out of the Vienna, and opening I used to play in my undergraduate years but that I haven't trotted out in awhile (except recently in bullet). He missed a chance to cream me with a kingside attack but instead went for the exchange, in turn for which I got some pressure against his King. Eventually I reached a slightly better endgame: I had more space and flexiblity. As the game started to open, I got swindled, but swindled in a worse way then I originally thought. At first his Qb2 move looked like it was winning, and I had admittely missed this, forgetting that it would pin my Queen to my King and prevent me from playing Qf7+ (with mate to follow). But it turns out that I still had a winning position. Unfortunately, I didn't see the saving move, and resigned on the spot! I think it was the first time I have ever resigned in a winning position.

The second game against Henry was either more or less embrassing, depending on your opinion. I simply misplayed the opening and got crushed.

The game against Charlie was interesting, and I had to leave it in a roughly balanced position (although one in which I think I had some pressure, if not at least some pyschological momentum.)

Hope you enjoyed the game! Comments welcome; I apologize to my opponents if I have something in error (if you want me to change anything let me know; I wasn't sure if I should use your full names or not).