LICC Winter Open, Round 1

Jan 7, 2011, 4:27 PM |

Hello Everybody,

Below is my first tournament game of 2011; actually, it is the first tournament game I've played in a few years. It is from the Long Island Chess Club Winter Open.

I found it to be a challenging game against a tough opponent. Although I think the correct finish would be a draw in a endgame where I had a slight edge, luckily for me my opponent mixed up a series of captures and found himself down a rook.

Included in the game is a auto-analysis done by Scidlet, a comp. program I use, and I included a few comments and variations (that is, until Scid bugged out and prevented me from adding commentary).

I welcome user comments. I think we both played a pretty clean game, but I'd be interested to see if anybody can suggest a better way for White (or Black) to exploit the tiny edges that were gained throughout the game.



Round 2 is next Thursday. Stay tuned!