LICC Winter Open, Round 4

Jan 27, 2011, 8:18 PM |

Tonight at the LICC I had a pleasing win over an opponent that I actually played a blitz game against after my game in round one (I won the blitz game on time, but mostly because he became distracted).

Apparently I will need to get a meatball hero from the pizzeria next door to the playing site every night, as it seems to have brought me good luck.

Once again, the game is below with light annotations, this time without any computer analysis. I invite you to enlighten me with some improvements and variations. I'll need some good chess education to help me win next week (the final round) and bring my final score to +1.


My take-away lessons from this game:
1) Make sure I double check tactics, and carry calculations through to the end. Just because he seems to get natural and thematic counterplay, I shouldn't assume it works.
2) The Grand Prix isn't that scary.