An Amateur Annotation of an Amateur Game

Jan 6, 2009, 12:20 PM |

As a new member of the Amateur Chess group I thought that it would be fun to give them an annotated game from an amateur's perspective and see what they think! If anyone else wants to make comments on how we couId have improved by all means do so

Sometimes read annotated games from other players, and I often find myself confused with what they are doing. I came to the conclusion that this is mainly because I don't have the underlying knowledge that the author assumes. So I decided to do a small game annotation of my own, trying to demonstrate some more amateurish points along the way. Hopefully some of the less proficient players may learn a couple of things from this!

I recently played this game after looking at a couple of beginner chess sites for some simple tips, and I was able to utilise a few bits and pieces. One of the most important parts of playing chess is to look at what your opponent may be able to do after your planned move has taken place. I too have forgot to do this far too often, and now try hard to think about what my opponent may do after my move, rather than simply think about my grand idea! This was a game I recently played which ended up in resignation after the fourteenth move, for the very reason I stated above. Not a grand game, but I there are a few simple things I felt that some people can learn from.