The grunfeld defence part 1

Dec 25, 2010, 3:36 AM |

In a series of new blog posts I am going to talk about and list some variations of my favourite openings. This time I am going to talk about the Grunfeld defence. I use this opening as black against 1. d4. I like using The Grunfeld defence because it gives me lots of options and I think that most of the lines are highly favourable for black. It isn't one of those openings with loads of traps for someone who hasn't come across it before like the ponziani opening but if anyone is in need of a better defence as black against 1. d4, I would highly recommend this. If anybody wants to learn about the ponziani opening I have done a forum post in the forum of my group. It is called The chess maniacs. I will send a link the the group's homepage. Here it is:

      Now I will just show you the first few moves of the Grunfeld which which is the main line.