How To Castle Kingside

Oct 3, 2016, 4:29 PM |

I know there are beginners on who don't know how to castle. Well I'm here to cover it all. First lets start with kingside castling. Here's what is should look  like when you consider castling: all the spaces between the king and the rook should be clear. Meaning, the knight and the bishop should  have moved out. Next, move the king two spaces toowards the rook. On, that means it will automatically castle for you. A castled position means the king is two spaces from it's original square, and the rook is to the left of it.

Here are some side notes about kingside castling.

- the king cannot have moved before the castle

- you cannot castle out of check

-you cannot castle into check

There are many more things to know about kingside castling, and I have only given the smallest introduction. If you want more info, go to

Chess: How to Castle Kingside and Queenside!!

on youtube.

thatnk you for reading, and I hope to come out with more posts soon.