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50 % of the needed k+p vs. k endgame knowledge in one position

May 6, 2015, 12:55 AM 0

In the "Chess training pocket book" Grandmaster Lev Alburt writes something about positions which are like zipped files. These positions are rich on ideas. The position below is an example. He writes that it countains round about 50 % of the needed knowledge to play pawn endgames on a tournament player level.

I teached a group of adult players from around 700 to 1200 national rating in my local club. They all had a large lack of understanding in the endgame. I think most of them hasn`t gone through the material again and will not find the solution to this one. Maybe i will teach that topic again. :)


 White to move


 You must also know the following two positions to solve this:

White to move / Black to move

White to move / Black to move

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