Apr 27, 2015, 12:11 PM |

I want to blog somthing about what im doing trying to improve my chess.

After some bad defeats i came to the conclusion, that something is really wrong with my way of playing chess. I got a copy of Dan Heismans "A guide to chess improvement". Most of the texts looks still familar, because i have read them all some years ago. But i forgot much and i`m not applying many things which almost all players a class higher do almost all the time. E. g. i`m often not careful enough and play hope chess to many times. So it sometimes come to disasters.

But anyway i reached "class b" and stay there all the time with a mid 1650 german and 1700 fide rating. So not everything is wrong.

My task is to play (with a scope on time management and thinking process) , analyze and doing tactic excercises.