Whats on my bookshelf

Whats on my bookshelf


There is a forum topic with the title "What is on your bookshelf".

So i`ll answer it here (from the left to the right):

  1. "Fundamental chess openings" by Paul van der Sterren
  2. The german edition of "Chess openings for kids" by John Watson and Graham Burgess
  3. The german edition of "how to play good opening moves" by Edmar Mednis
  4. "A strategic chess opening repertoire for white" by John Watson
  5. "starting out: 1.d4!" by John Cox
  6. "starting out: open games" by Glenn Flear
  7. "Bologan`s Blacl Weapons" by Viktor Bolgan
  8. "declining the queen`s gambit" by John Cox
  9. "queens gambit declined" by Matthew Sadler
  10. "dealing with d4 deviations" by John Cox
  11. "beating unusual chess openings" by Richard Palliser
  12. "New York 1924" by Alexander Alekhine
  13. "New York 1927" by Alexander Alekhine
  14. "Notingham 1936" by Alexander Alekhine
  15. the (original) german edition of "chess endgame training" by Bernd Rosen
  16. the german edition of "Dvoretskys's Endgame Manual" by Mark Dvoretzky
  17. the german edition of "1001 deadly checkmates" by John Nunn
  18. the german edition of "The ultimate chess puzzle book" by John Emms
  19. "Chess exam and training guide" by Igor Khmelnitsky
  20. "Simple Attacking Plans" by Fred Wilson
  21. The german edition of "Essential Chess Sacrifices" by David LeMoir
  22. the german edition of "Chess Strategy for Club players " by Herman Grooten
  23. "Improve your Chess now" by Jon Tisdall
  24. the german edition of "How to be a complete tournament player" by Edmar Mednis
  25. - 30. the (original) german editions of Arthur Yusupov's book series: http://www.qualitychess.co.uk/docs/14/artur_yusupovs_awardwinning_training_course/ (fundamentals and beyound the basics)

My task is to not expand that place. Maybe the Mednis, the Wilson and the tactics books will go away and more tournament books and other games collections will come. But i don't want to give away unread books.