My Improvement Plan

My Improvement Plan

Apr 20, 2017, 11:10 AM |

In this post i'll write something about my training plan in the near future. Last week i started to do some kind of serious training for the first time in some years. I was always the guy who wanted to improve, but haven't really done the hard work which is needed. I have read tons of easy readable and opening books instead of doing hard training. Okay, you will notice that some easy readable stuff is in the books picture. So i stuck somewhere around 1700 german otb and 1800 fide rating.

My goal is to reach 1800 german and 1900 fide rating.


In that picture you see the material i want to work with. Thats (from left to right)

  • the german edition of "the power of pawns" by GM Jörg Hickl, IM Erik Zude and Uwe Schupp)
  • a black repertoire book "1.d6-Repertoire" by IM Erik Zude and GM Jörg Hickl
  • a white repertoire book "the agile London System" by GM Romero and FM De Prado
  • the german edition of "Silmans Endgame course"
  • the german edition of "How to play chess endgames" by GM Karsten Müller and FM Wolfgang Pajeken
  • "Chess structures" by GM Mauricio Flores Rios 
  • the german editions of Artur Yusupovs Training course (  1500 is the orange series, 1800 is the blue series
  • the tournament books "New York 1924"; "New York 1927" and "Nottingham 1936" by Alexander Alekhine

My weekly plan with that material:

  • Working through two chapters of Yusupovs 2nd 1500 book.  
  • Read and play over the five games of each round in Alekhines New York 1924 book
  • tactics or other tasks for calculating chess at least half an hour each day on six days
  • playing training games with standard time control (e. g. 15+10) + learn from them 

After i finished book 2, i will go to book 3. 


I also plan to play two otb tournaments in june and august.