my black repertoire book

Apr 24, 2017, 6:27 AM |

The whole thing is based on the move 1... d6. The authors of my book  (IM Erik Zude and GM Jörg Hickl from germany, the book is by now available in german language only) play that way and have many experience in teaching chess to amateurs. One clubmate plays that stuff with success after he visited Hickls seminars and got online training from him. Its a narrow repertoire where you have not to learn that many lines. The book has only 224 pages and was published in 2016.


Chapter 1 is the so called endgame variation after

Chapter 2 deals with the Antoshin Philidor:


Chapter 3 is on sidelines after 1. e4 d6


Chapter 4 deals with the old indian defence:

Chapter 5 is on sidelines after 1. d4.


Chapter 6 gives you a setup against the english opening:


The final chapter deals with flank openings. 


All chapters have some introduction, the analysis is with much text and some variations where needed. You can download a sample here: (but its german language!).