My story of developing my white openings


That`s similar to my last blog entry with the black openings against 1. e4. My opponents when beginning all knew the 1.e4 e5 stuff well enough, but failed to 1. d4 d5 2. c4.

So i played and improved my knowledge of 1. d4 d5 2. c4 and later also all the other stuff, like the indians after 1...Sf6 and the dutch. I also knew enough to get a good game against the englund gambit, which was played by a club mate and by some guys in online blitz. Something went wrong: Look at the book!

When i had less time for chess, i changed to less good queens pawn games. I felt that i cannot stay at the mainlines without much time invested. But i never really learned them. So the results were of course also not that good.

With more time for chess again and after solving the first problem (change from the french to 1...e5) i tried to change from the queens pawn games to 1. e4. I looked at the books and tried that in live and online chess, but i would need all my time to make it work. Too much openings, where i know nothing, mainly the sicilian.

So i took a look back at my rating history. I improved until that point, where i changed from 1. d4 main lines to queens pawn games. So i am trying to play that mainlines again. My reference book there is John Cox "starting out: 1.d4". I`m not sure about every line there, but that is at least something i can start with. In addition i also have John Watsons 1.d4-Repertoire book. But overall i like Cox better.

So i will play through the games in the Cox book when i want and will do most of the work in my game analysis.