Open Round 6, 7 and conclusion

May 25, 2015, 3:28 AM |

Here are my two remaining games:

In both rounds i had white against some 1900 national and 2000 fide rated guys. The game in round 6 started with a king's indian but was more like a wolga gambit. I don't have a good understanding of these positions, played not really good and eventually lost.

The last round was a nimzo indian. I was satisfied with a draw and played that way.

Here are the games:

With 3,5 / 7 against higher rated opponents i played a good tournament and gained some rating points. One win was very lucky (just on time in a lost position), the other win and the three draws were okay.
The two losses and the lost position all came from kings indian / benoni / benko positions. There i need more understanding. I also need to be very concentrated and have a good thinking process to play good games. So i just try to further improve.
In the next tournament i can play the higher section with again higher rated opponents.