OTB Tournament Game 1/7

May 18, 2015, 9:45 AM |

Here is my first game from the just finished tournament. I had the black pieces against some guy with around 2100 FIDE Elo and a national rating in the mid 1900s. So he was favorite as i am only a 1600 guy. The timecontrol was two hours for 40 moves and an half hour for all remaining moves, without any increment. There were DGT Clocks on every board, so something like 90 min /40 + 30 min with 30 secs increment each move would have been possible.

Here is the game with some comments:

I believed that i will get my chance. And there was the chance when my opponent played 35. Rf2.

At some points forced moves came unexpected, e. g. 16. dxc5 or 30. Rc5. In most other games of this tournament i was more careful about all forcing moves by my opponent.