Some more basic tactics training

May 1, 2015, 4:06 AM |

In my basic tactical training i sometimes find some positions, where i am not really safe with the motivs. So i have a special attention to these ones. Maybe all readers are that good, that they would make 100 % with no more then 10 seconds each. But more likely, people in my rating region would also have some problems with some motivs.


First of all two positions, which i recognized, i had twice in the last days and still had to figure out the solutions:

Both times i had this i first tried something with 1.Qg8+.
You should know this:
Here i had also to calculate:
I missed the pin at the first look at the position after blacks first move in the main line. So that took me a while to come to that point again.
Another example for time wasting:
The main feature of this position is not the whites king position, its the position of his queen! So, i spent a while trying to find anthing which mates before i have concidered the queens unsafe position.
Task to myself: Be more open to all weak pieces and squares!