Some tactics again

May 12, 2015, 5:33 AM |

Playing a set with problems from 900 - 1250 rating seems a bit too easy for me. So i moved to standard with the setting "easy", which delivers problems average 200 points lower then me. So i should solve most. There are some 1350, which are not much harder then the 1250 ones, but also some problems which are really challenging for me.

And sometimes i try hard and see nothing. Like here:

I focussed on weird things, instead i should have looked at all active moves. So i should see Ne4 earlier.
Or these two
Both with a very similar solution. I tried hard to find really different ideas, but then came to the simple solution.
Then there are problems like this one, where i need 10 seconds or so, because i know the pattern well:
I think that has much to do with my chaotic thinking process. I focus on some things that should not be important and start calculations. I should more look at every possible move when the problem is not a easy to spot 2 move mate.