Weekly Result 17. - 23.04.2017


The first task was to complete two chapters of yusuovs training coures, currently the german edition of "boost your chess 1". I had time on tuesday, wednesday and thursday, so i completed three chapters:

Chapter Category Topic Points Result
11 Strategy the semi-open file 13/20 Passed
12 Endgame mate with bishop and knight 17/24 Good
13 Tactic Combinations involving files 18/23 Good


The second task was to play through all five games of one round from Alekhines book "New York 1924" on the tournament board. I managed to complete two rounds.


As i want to work on tactics daily, i worked on a internet tactic server on monday, tuesday, wednesday, friday and saturday. Yesterday i started to work with "The ultimate puzzle book" by John Emms. I can solve that better in the train, at the swimming pool in summer,...  Now i'm at puzzle # 115 in the third chapter "Mates". So far everything has difficulty level 1, it's more or less a warmup for me. Level 5 shall be difficult even for strong grandmaster, so i will see how difficult levels 3 and 4 are for me. Overall i worked round about two and an half hour.


Then i want to play training games with standard rated time controls. I got three 15+10 first, then one 15+0 and finally one 10+5. The faster time controls suit me better, as i am damaged by too much bullet and 3+0 blitz. But i will play with increment, the 15+0 finished like a bullet game. All games were on a other server, but i will likely will also play again here on chess.com