In any language

Jan 9, 2010, 9:08 AM |

One thing that impresses me about is the large number of members from around the world.  But because of that, I have had to break out of my normal pattern of communicating only in English.  Of course, being American, I assume the whole world speaks English.  But alas, such is not the case.  And of course, like most Americans, I am too dumb to learn a second language.  But I am trying to find some translations of commonly used phrases that I would most likely use in any given game.  In a modest attempt, I start with one here (shown below) that I use quite often.  Please feel free to add to it, if by some chance I missed your primary language.  Laughing

You took my Queen?!   Mi-ai luat regina?! ¡Usted tomó a mi reina?! Sie nahmen meine Königin?! Vous avez pris ma reine ? ! Avete preso la mia regina?! Você fêz exame de minha rainha?! Вы приняли мой ферзь?! U nam mijn Dame?! Πήρατε τη βασίλισσά μου;! Du tog min drottning?! أنت تجسر لقطة ملكتي Söit kuningattareni?!