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Online chess vs. Over-the-board

Sep 16, 2016, 8:54 PM 1

Obviously this has been a topic discussed time and time again on this site and for the most part people have come to the conclusion that they either play better online or at least have a much higher rating online vs. over-the-board. I wonder, however, how many people out there find the opposite true? I know that I personally play much better over the board and have pulled off upsets of 300-350 points in tournament play and have pulled off some with as much as 500 points or more in casual play, all without feeling particularly challenged. I feel like there must be other players out there experiencing this and as a 1700+ player(USCF) I know that I find it frustrating to be able to beat 2000+ rated players over-the-board and somehow play so much worse online that I get maybe a 50% win rate against 1600~ players in similar time controls. Anyone else out there with a similar experience or perhaps someone with improvement ideas?

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