Aber Uni Consultations week 2

Aber Uni Consultations week 2

Nov 1, 2015, 5:52 PM |

Week 2 of Aber's consultations. Early days, but the scores are 

1st Jamie 1/1

1st Robbie 1/1

3rd Rob 0/1

3rd Adam 0/1

Plenty of chess still to be played however.

The 1st game was between Team Jamie and Team Robbie with Robbie coming up on top this time. However due to laziness and perhaps a few many beers neither annotated the game 

So the only game to show is between me and Rob with our opening being chosen at random from some cards. This gave us the Pirc Defence with Rob's team of himself, Joel and Damien playing as white against my team with Adam Price, Francis and Aurora.

Quite a few innaccuracies in the middle game from both players but white makes the first few mistakes.

The new scores 

1st Robbie 2/2

2nd Jamie 1/2

2nd Adam 1/2

4th Rob 0/2

The jammy time win in week one means that Robbie is in the lead but hopefully won't be staying there for too long 

Another nice week, hopefully I can blog these a bit quicker for the next few games