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Global Influence of Chess

Global Influence of Chess

Aug 27, 2015, 9:49 AM 4

This will be a short blog about how great is the influence of chess to creations of some characters for a movies or TV-shows, but in their content goes nothing about the chess at all!


1) First on my list would be a Chechoslovakian animated TV-show for kids " ... a je to!". Free translation of this can be " ... and that's it!".

Protagonists of this TV-show are two friends which names are Slavish chess-expressions: Pat (stalemate) & Mat (you're guessing wright - Mate). I am recommending this TV-show to youngsters, and if some of adults wants some healthy, inoccent and infantile humor - go directly to youtube from here! Wink

2) Second on my list is a famouse robot from Star Wars - saga. 

Yes, again you're guessing wright. It's a R2d2 or Rook 2 on d2.

So, that would be it. If you got some findings about chess and chess-expressions used in a movies or TV-shows, please feel free to share.

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