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Mama mia!!! What a mistaka to maka!!!

Mama mia!!! What a mistaka to maka!!!

Jun 26, 2015, 7:39 AM 3

  When I play (maybe some of you too) a 5-minute blitz games, I always have one thought/question on my mind which reads: "Why the hell I play 5-minute blitz games when in thus I don't have enough time to think about my actual move or the current position?" Wrong approach, obviously! In fact, such thinking can make some pressure, and from this pressure arises  misconducts or blunders, as from inexperience, or in an attempt to save some time by making a quick moves, forgetting what our aim actualy was!  Here's an example what happened to me in one of the such games, with the above named approach to blitz games.

I don't know, maybe this game would help you to avoid such blunders and stay concetrate on your aim.

I will give an conclusion from my aspect. It is better to spend a few seconds more and to think about your next move than to play a quick move and make a potential blunder. Somehow, it is easier for us to accept that we had lost our game because we was thinking about how to improve our position than that we are lost because a quick move to "save" some time.

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