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Rook Sac Fun in Tournaments

Rook Sac Fun in Tournaments

Jan 21, 2016, 6:27 PM 1

Please enjoy these rook sacrifices from some of my recent tournament games!

While playing with the black pieces against Ishaan Puri in the 2nd round of the Washington State Class Championship (class B), I had the pleasure of sacrificing not 1 but 2 rooks for the exchange and a pawn:

This second game only has 1 rook sacrifice, but it was satisfying nonetheless; played at the Seattle Chess Club in the Seattle City Championship (reserve section), where I somehow snuck away with 2nd place at 4 points after 5 rounds (taking a 1/2-point bye for round 1). Congratulations to Neal Bonrud and FM Nick Raptis for winning 1st place in the reserve and championship sections, respectively, each with 4.5/5!


Any comments are greatly appreciated!

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