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Fred Reinfeld

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Fred Reinfeld (1910-1964) has been called "The Man Who Taught America Chess"--and so he was!

Reinfeld was amazing. Some have called him a “genius.” He produced perhaps 260 books (with varying editions and titles). His writings included non-chess as well as the chess books which were his staple. Though a skilled player himself, he chose to give up serious time participating in matches and tournaments to become a writer—focusing on popular chess books: books that helped beginners and developing players—play better chess! He had a family to support and soon noticed that his books aimed at a wider audience brought in much more in royalties than more technical studies. So in many publications through the decades, thousands of chess players learned and developed their chess playing by using Reinfeld’s books. In this way, Fred Reinfeld became “the man who taught America chess.”

A few years ago, Alex Dunne published a splendid biography of Fred Reinfeld: Alex Dunne, Fred Reinfeld: The Man Who Taught America Chess, with 282 Games. Jefferson, NC: McFarland & Company, 2019. Paper. $45.00.

My review of this fine book is here on This review will give a flavor for the book and its portrayal of Reinfeld.



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This Crossword will acquaint us a bit with the remarkable Fred Reinfeld. I hope you enjoy it!

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