St. Petersburg 1909
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St. Petersburg 1909

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The St. Petersburg International Chess Tournament played from February 22-March 12, 1909 was an important chess event. It featured leading players including World Champion, Emanuel Lasker, and competitors: Rubinstein, Teichmann, Bernstein, Schlechter, Tartakower, Mieses, and Spielmann. Nineteen players participated. Lasker and Rubinstein tied for first place with 14½ points. Rubinstein defeated Lasker in their own game (game #26).

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            Lasker wrote the tournament book (Berlin 1909), providing comments on all 175 games. The next year, an English translation appeared with the primary translation being done by Teichmann, a tournament participant. A fine “New 21st Century Edition” of the English translation in algebraic notation was published by Russell Enterprises (2008) as The International Chess Congress St. Petersburg 1909. Tim Harding wrote a Foreword. While Lasker’s annotations are not extensive, they are marked by his self-confident statement in the Preface: “This is a book in which analysis is accurate” (p. 6) .


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This Crossword relates to the tournament and its players. I hope you enjoy exploring this great tournament and its personalities!

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