Calitati necesare pentru un admin | Qualities that an admin must posses

Feb 15, 2015, 4:28 PM |

[ English translation bellow ]

Salutari tuturor prietenilor !

Ma gandeam sa facem un brain storming despre calitatile necesare unui bun admin. Astept cu interes parerile voastre, daca sunteti interesati de subiect.

Iaca la ce m-am gandit eu, ca fiind de baza.

- sa posede spirit de echipa, sa conlucreze cu ceilalti admini catre telul comun: binele echipei
- sa inteleaga ca oamenii sunt diferiti, cu puncte de vedere diferite si astfel sa poata fi de acord ca poate fi uneori in dezacord cu colegii admini, fara a face din asta un casus belli
- sa aiba viziune pentru a putea alege impreuna cu colegii admini strategia potrivita pentru echipa
- sa posede respect pentru colegi si adversari (nu numai adversarii de joc, ci si adversarii de idei)
- sa posede bun simt si obiectivitate pentru a se putea evalua pe sine, situatia in ansamblu si a cantari si lua in consideratie argumentatia oponentului
- sa fie deschis la sugestii si argumente contrare: dovada intelepciunii consta nu atat in sfaturile pe care sti sa le dai cat in cele pe care sti sa le primesti
- sa aiba timpul necesar pentru a indeplini activitatile de admin
- sa fie un bun diplomat: sa aiba rabdare, sa vorbeasca deschis cu colegii, sa incerce sa le inteleaga problemele si sugestiile
- sa fie un bun organizator
- sa tinteasca mereu spre auto-imbunatatire

Am afirmat mai demult ca e aproape imposibil ca cineva sa indeplineasca toate aceste calitati si cerinte, iar asta se rezolva cel mai bine prin complementarea lor intre admini. Ma bucur si sunt sincer onorat ca CM ilmago, WL Director, e de acord cu mine "personalitatile si caracterele difera in lume, si poate fi un lucru foarte bun sa ai o mare varietate de caractere atunci cand organizezi o competitie asa de mare, atat timp cat se ajuta unii pe altii si se complementeaza, ca timp, energie precum si diversele feluri personale in care abordeaza problemele si comunica cu oamenii"

O sa mai adaug doua citate ivite din discutia mea nocturna cu ilmago

"Cei care vor deveni buni admini deseori stiu deja cat de multa munca si efort se impune, asa ca de cele mai multe ori nu ei sunt cei care cer sa fie admini, ci sunt cei care sunt rugati sa devina admini... :-)"

"Cand alegi un admin, nu-l alege pe cel care intreaba "Pot deveni admin, va rog ?" Alege-l in schimb pe cel pe care il cunosti si il vezi capabil de aceasta sarcina si pe care il rogi sa ajute devenind admin."

[Editare ulterioara]

In foarte multe din companiile romanesti s-a impamantenit o practica extrem de gresita, cand e vorba de numit un manager sau sef de departament, de multe ori e ales cel mai bun profesionist. Gresit ! Cel mai bun profesionist de cele mai multe ori nu are calitatile necesare de a deveni manager, calitati si cunostinte tota diferite fata de cele necesare exercitarii stricte a profesiei. Astfel rezulta o pierdere dubla, management prost dublat de o pierdere in domeniul de lucru al fostului profesionist.

[Editare ulterioara, 8-feb-2016]
Dave Cote, CEO Honeywell si fost CEO Of The Year de mai multe ori, a spus:
"Sa ai dreptate la sfarsitul intalnirii, nu la inceputul ei". 

[ English translation bellow ]

Hello friends !

I was thinking of a brain storming about the qualities that a good admin must posses. I am eagerly waiting for your oppinion on this matter.

The following is what I thought to be a kind of baseline.

- to posses team spirit, to work togheter with the rest of the admins towards the common goal: the team benefit
- to understand that people are different, with different point of view, thus to be able to agree to disagree with his fellows admins, without transforming this into a casus belli
- to be a man of vision, in order to establish with fellow admins the best strategy for the team
- to respect his colleagues and opponents (not only chess game ones, but opposite ideas as well)
- to use common sense and objectivity in order to evaluate oneself, the situation as a whole and be able to take into consideration opposite ideas
-to be open minded to suggestions and opposite argumentation: wisdom is proved not by the advices you are ready to share, but by the advices you are ready to accept
- to posses the necesary time to fulfill admin activities
- to be a good diplomat: to be patient, to openly speak with his colleagues, to try to understand their problems and their sugestions
- to be a good organizer
- to always aim to autoimprovement

Quite some time ago I claimed that it is almost impossible for somebody to fulfill all this features/qualities, but this problem is solved by complementing each other within the admin team. I am glad and sincerely honored that CM ilmago, WL Director, does agree with me "but personailties and characters differ around the world, and it can be really good to have a wide variety of characters on board when organizing such a big league, as long as they help together and complement each other with the time and energy they can contribute and the various personal approaches and connections in communicating with people".

I'll add two more quotes from my nightly conversation with ilmago

"Those who will be good admins often just already have a sense on how much work and effort this sometimes can be, so they usually are not the ones who ask, but the ones who are asked ... :-)"

"When choosing an admin, do not choose those who ask "May I become an admin, please?" Choose those whom you know and see to be capable for the task and whom you would ask to help and become admin."

[Later edit]

A lot of romanian companies adopted a very wrong practice, when there is a need for a new manager or department chief, a lot of times it is chosen the best professional. Wrong ! Management needs a different set of skills than being the best in your profession (unless your profession is management). The result is a double loss, a bad management and a loss in productivity due to the the loss of the best professional.

[Later edit, 8-feb-2016]

Dave Cote, Honeywell's CEO and former CEO OF The Year said 'Be right at the end of the meeting, not the beginning.'