Feb 8, 2016, 2:56 AM |

Just some thoughts after seeing a quite constant fuss within WL HQ.

Team admins are changing from time to time. The change doesn't imply a transfer of responsibilities, so the new admins might not know everything by heart: rules, location of topics, etc.
Actually, admins have a lot of personal stuff on their heads. We are doing our best, but sometimes we are forgetting something. This is not a full time job for anybody to pay 100% attention, 100% of time. Even the very experienced admins have other daily issues to dealt with, so from time to time there will be glitches, delays and pending actions, or somebody that forgets something. Thus there is no point in creating a fuss when is not the case. 
I should also say that some flexibility and understanding are higly preferable than anything else, in order for things to go smoothly.