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My G.U.T. Feeling

Nov 3, 2008, 12:41 PM 4

My G.U.T. Feeling

A Grand Unification Theory

Consciousness and the Holographic Universe

Dr. Richard S. Biernacki, DC, DD


Consciousness emanates spontaneously out of the nothingness of Absolute Space in the form of a  gyroscopic instantaneous axis of rotation at the speed of light, creating the entire electromagnetic spectrum and gravitation, imprinting thought bio-fractally upon the somethingness of Relative Space omnidirectionally, imparting this thought to every Holographic Microcosmic bit to the edge of the Holographic Macrocosm, reflecting back to the purveyor of that thought every moment, to stimulate the senses through resonance, to perceive time flow in the forward and reverse direction simultaneously and be lucid of Oneself in the Eternal Now.

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