Avatars and the Art of Drawing

May 23, 2011, 12:08 PM |

I've created a number of pieces of avatar 'art' over the years, mostly for fun and many to support my user name in some respect. Most have been very simple, like the following one:

Simple is a form of elegant, in my view - but then I've never taken even a single art class in my entire life, so I could be very wrong there.

Growing tired with these understated depictions, I've now tried my hand at creating another chess-related avatar. A problem setting, this one is:

I've never tried to create a chess problem or puzzle before, so this is a newbie's work, for sure - and could turn out to be a dud.

In any case, it appears that - given the move - Black would soon make mincemeat of White, what with Black's vast material advantage. However, it is White's move, and has a number of choices to pick from. If the problem works the way I intended, White can draw this position at once or can make an inappropriate move and lose rather quickly. When I get the chance, I'll update this post with a working board.

Let me know what you think.

Post Script: An interesting question would be this: Can this position actually be arrived at by any sequence of legal (albeit ridiculous) moves? My suspicion is that it can. For example, Black has promoted three pieces and could have given up the requisite three pawns to do so. There's a few tricky things, like: a) getting the d7 rook into position, b) getting the knight to the e8 square, and c) getting both those dark-square bishops where they need to be. But these seem possible, if contrived. If you see something different, let me know.