Missed Sacrifice/Combination

Missed Sacrifice/Combination

FM Drawyah
Jul 15, 2017, 4:23 PM |

Stockfish frequently shows I miss tactical opportunities in my games, but in the above diagram I missed a once-in-a-lifetime combination. Take a moment and see if you can find the winning move?

The combination I missed leads to "Lasker's Double Bishop Sacrifice". Let me remind readers of that famous combination:

Lasker was only 20 when he played this game. It is often cited as an ideal example of a double bishop sacrifice. The game also serves as a nice advertisement for the Bird Opening. In the following game, notice I played 6 Bd3 and 9 Nc3 in Lasker style. My 12 Rf3 is thematic aggression, which led to a nice win. However, the most beautiful part to this game was the combination I missed at move 13, which is the answer to the above diagram question.

Good Chess! Keith