In the Days of Magic and Technology: The Elementals

Feb 20, 2009, 9:30 PM |

The Elemental: Allus Mareonus

I crept around the side of the burnt building, gloved hands at my side. I stepped out from behind the building to see a squad of Vinci rifleman. They were just a suprised to see me as I was to see them. I dodged the hail of bullets and dove behind an old block of cement. As bullet's whistled past me, I flicked my fingers and a fireball flared up in both my hands. I leapt out, tossing and shooting fireballs at the Vinci squad. The fire decimated the entire squad, knocking all of them to the ground. I snapped my wrist towards them and a bulge of air sent them flying into the ruins of the building. Snorting at their incompetence, I continued on.