In the Days of Magic and Tecnology: The Attack

Feb 21, 2009, 7:09 AM |

The Elementals: Red Marsuvees

I leapt on the back of my hunter, a large bear-like beast. Up ahead, a group of Vinci were waiting. We charged forward, tossing air and fireballs. One of my men, a special elemental, sent a rock smashing into the Vinci. One of my beasts, moved quickly towards the Vinci, only to be cut down by a scattergun. Another elemental, was shot down by a rapid-fire weapon. My troops slowly overran the Vinci.

The Vinci: Cpt. James Gordon

We began running as the enemy overran us. I pulled out my revolver and shot down a small beast. I dodged a fireball and continued running. Fast, small beasts, known as roadlets, darted in and out of my men, slicing their legs. I could not stop to help them, there was no more time. I continued running, ignoring the screams behind me. I turned and saw...a fireball headed straight for me. I closed my eyes.