Make Variant Chatrooms Better!

Oct 2, 2017, 10:51 AM |
0's chatrooms are simple, yet amazing. Unlike forums, they are live. This means that new messages appear right as they are posted. Sure, forums are the same way, but chatrooms just feel better for me. 

You may be asking, "Why variants?" Well, regular chess chatrooms are fine. All you have to do is find a top rated game, and you can be chatting away. Variants aren't as popular, so you have to be a little lucky to find a good chatroom. 

In variant chatrooms, we can discuss strategies for those variants. We can discuss them in normal chatrooms, but what is being discussed is not meant for that type of chatroom. I play here regularly, and I never see variants being discussed in regular chatrooms and normal chess being discussed in variant chatrooms. 

I am mainly focusing on four player chess. I think those chatrooms need the most attention. For more, go to the forum page on this topic.

Thanks, DuckDuck