Why School Isn't Necessary

Why School Isn't Necessary

Feb 13, 2018, 3:33 PM |

DISCLAIMER: This is just for laughs. Don't take this seriously, it is just a joke.

They say that we MUST go to school. But seriously. Do we REALLY need it? Do we all have to be brainiacs? No. These are the reasons why school is NOT necessary.

Math: We have computers and calculators to do this for us. And let's be real. When is reviewing functions needed in your everyday life?

Language Arts: We already know how to speak our own languages. Why do we have to know more?

Science: Most of this stuff won't affect our lives in any way.

History: Sure, learning about the past helps stop mishaps in the future, but I am not reading hours of historic texts just to stop a few problems!

Technology: All we need to know about these devices is how to surf the web, text, and download stuff.

Geography: Why learn about rocks?! They're rocks!

Art: I can deal with this.

Well, that's all the subjects and why they don't matter. School in general isn't necessary for life, but it is recommended. So we are stuck with it. Forever. Yay.


Thanks for reading! Remember that this is just a joke. Hope you laughed or grinned or whateverhappy.png See you later!