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Annoying when you are paired against the same player over and over again?

Feb 1, 2010, 11:49 PM 6

Anyone have any advice for me on this? I go to live chess, and sometimes I get this typical 900 rating player, so obviously I abort since my rating is about 1400. But I continue to get the same player for about ten times in a row before I finally get someone new. Chess.com staff should do something about this, because it gets very annoying. I know that I can block people, but it just doesn't feel right that I have to block another player because the website is continuously pairing us up. It works the other way as well, I will get someone with a rating of 1800 and they will abort, but I will keep getting them, and it will go on about ten more times before we get someone new. Anyways, its just a thought. That would be my biggest complaint about chess.com as it stands.

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