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ChessPlans.com Notes to Self

Jan 16, 2012, 3:26 PM 0

The steps necessary to add a new plan to www.chessplans.com include:

1.  Find a game to serve as the example.  Sources include “Game of the Day” from chessgames.com, chess Informant “Golden Games” from chesscafe.com, or any other source.  Display and copy pgn for the desired game.

2.  Add new Articles for “Comments on Position x” and “Position x Results”.

3.  Add menu items for “Plan x” and “Plan x Results”.

4.   Add modules for “Plan x” and “Plan x Results”.  Insert the embed chess [pgn] plugin to display the game in top-a position.

5.  Use Shredder (F6) analysis mode to generate 4 candidate moves.  Enable “Login” and “Polls” main menu items.  Log in to front end and create community polls poll listing candidate moves.  Add “Plan x Moves” module to display the poll in top-a position.

6.  Create 8 polls for the various imbalances, display in top-b and innertop modules.

7.  Add comment prompts for imbalances.

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