Slav Study Plan 1


So...I'm beginning a new study plan to learn the Slav as my principal defense to d4.  I like to play the Caro with an e4 opening, but I've always been a little unsure about e4 openings.  The Slav seems to be pretty popular and appears to have  similar/compatible strategies that I like in the Caro, so I'm going to do some work and see what I can learn.

Here's my plan:  I purchased the "Slav: Move By Move" book by Cyrus Lakdawala and I'll go through it page-by-page, move-by-move.  However, one problem I always seem to have with chess books is that I start to read, follow the first few moves in a variation, and then kinda just gloss over the rest of the moves.  To encourage me to work a little harder, and get a bit more out of my studies, my new plan is to find each game covered in Lakdawala's book and try to find the same game in the "Guess the Move" tool/game.  As I've said on this site many times, I wish had this feature as I really believe it helps one REALLY study a master-level game and get the most from your study.  So, if I can find the game on, I run through the full "Guess the Move" thing, try to beat the par score, and only then go back to Lakdawala's book to read what he has to say about the game.  At this point, I'm already pretty familiar with the game and I get a LOT more out of what Lakdawala has to say. 

Anyway, here's the 1st game on this journey, played between Zukertort and Steinitz in their 1886 World Championship match:


(I scored 110 vs par of 96 on the "Guess the Move" game.)