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Bishop and Knight vs The Lonely King!

Bishop and Knight vs The Lonely King!

Dec 11, 2013, 9:59 AM 1

Find the way to mate! Can you do it? Many GMs cannot even do it due it not being the most practical way to spend study time, not occurring very often in professional chess, however it cleverly teaches how to master the coordination of these minor pieces along with an active king. Push the enemy king into the same color corner as your bishop, and use your knight closely protected by your king to guard the opposite-colored squares as your bishop. Good luck and mate in 50 moves or less! Never again should anyone have to suffer a 50-move rule draw, 3-move repetition draw, or even a stalemate when this is completely winning for white once you know the pattern to the basic mate and it's several variations! In the playable diagram, you can try to solve obtaining the theoretical position to master, which is what my very next blog is all about, the finish. To play the puzzle as white, simply click the restart button directly to the right of the light bulb at the bottom left hand side of the chess board underneath b1, or just start by playing a move as white. If the move is incorrect, this may not necessarily be true, this is just an example game of the moves that I made for both sides as an idea of what steps to take to obtain the theoretical endgame situation. If you would prefer to make your own series of moves, which I would recommend instead, then simply click on the question mark button at the bottom left hand side of the chess board underneath c1, then click on the analysis button at the bottom left hand side of the chess board underneath a1 to automatically open your very own analysis board including an in-game editor in which you can save your own variations to PGN or FEN for later use. Also, the other button, to the right of the analysis button, can be conveniently used for obtaining the PGN or FEN of my existing example for use here or in other programs or chess engines as well.

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