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Bishop and Knight vs The Lonely King Theoretical Position

Bishop and Knight vs The Lonely King Theoretical Position

Dec 11, 2013, 12:54 PM 3
  • Now after pushing the enemy king to one of the edges of the board, march him down for the death walk, and make him walk the plank! This position is the ideal setup to try to reach, and as you can see in the first diagram, this is mate! You may then take a look at the theoretical end in the second diagram, allowing you to try to solve for mate the way I was taught, a chess video by IM Danny Rensch! To play the puzzle as white, simply click the restart button directly to the right of the light bulb at the bottom left hand side of the chess board underneath b1.

Here is the video I learned from on youtube by IM Danny Rensch, my personal favorite, and notice how in my tutorial I also use the dark squared bishop to save confusion, however when using the light squared bishop instead, everything is obviously just mirrored in every situation, nothing extra is required to learn.

Here is another video on the other way to force mate, but in this example we will see how mate is forced using an entirely different method. Instead of forcing the enemy king to an edge of the board, we will use the 3 triangles method. Also, in this example, you will learn the mating sequence with the light squared bishop instead!

 Another video with the light squared bishop instead, using the edge of the board method like in the first video, however the finish is more like after the 3 triangles method, proving that it is good to learn from other perspectives in order to minimize wasted moves, also improving recognition skills whenever a pattern is available. Every move counts when you are down on time or running out of moves when approaching the 50-move rule.

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