Announcing 100 Followers Online Tournament

Announcing 100 Followers Online Tournament

Nov 28, 2017, 7:03 PM |

Hello, dear followers!

I have a (somewhat) special announcement. Once I reach the magic number of followers (100), I will be hosting a brief online tournament to celebrate. Here is the format in a nutshell:

  • Live Five rounds of 3|2 blitz (so should be over in less than an hour).
  • Must be a member of EOGuel's Follower's group to participate (so please join!)
  • Winner claims bragging rights and two electronic trophies (one from, and one from me! ).
  • Games will be posted on my blog.
  • Date and time TBA.

I am really looking forward to this! I will decide the date and time once I get to 100 followers, but in the meantime, if you are a follower, PLEASE join the group! You can only participate if you are in the group, as I can only run tournaments through groups!

I have 89 followers. Go to the link to my blog, and click that "follow" button!