Breakfast: "Houston, We Have A Problem"

Breakfast: "Houston, We Have A Problem"

May 14, 2018, 5:09 AM |

Hello, everyone!

For those of you non-Americans, you are probably wondering why I chose a title such as, "Houston, we have a problem". 

The saying is quite prominent, and the story is that Apollo 13, launched in 1970, was a spacecraft attempting to go to the moon when an explosion in one of the oxygen tanks occurred. Long story short, the spacecraft was forced to orbit the moon and return to earth without ever stepping on the moon as they had hoped to. 

The spacecraft was based in Houston Texas, and the original message used was "Okay Houston, I believe we've had a problem here", but it's been twisted simply to "Houston, we have a problem". 

Hope you enjoyed your modern history lesson! 


I doubt the great Bobby Fischer had anything to do with this operation, however, as I was scrolling through some famous games, I ran across this Fischer game, and what attracted my eye was the location, Houston. Houston was where my parents grew up, and I even lived there for about a year in infancy. We have many relatives over there.

This was a simul, so Fischer's opponent was likely significantly weaker than him, though Fischer crushed his opponent in nine moves... now that is indeed a problem!

I hope you enjoyed the brief post and game analysis! See you next time!
P.S. In case you are wondering (shoutout to @Joseph_Truelson), these "breakfast" posts are posted early in the morning in my time, hence the name.