Breakfast: My Mouseslip

Breakfast: My Mouseslip

Apr 2, 2018, 5:38 AM |

Hey guys!

Good morning if you're here in America... I guess... good night/evening in Europe/Asia?

Anyways, these "breakfast" posts will be brief posts about something on my mind I decide to post in a blog in the morning before I get to school.

Yesterday, I played this 15|10 game, hoping to incrementally increase my rating, and this happened:


Black played 13... Bxh2+, and I calculated 14. Kxh2, Ng4+ 15. Kg1, Qh4, 16. Nf3(!), holding on to my material advantage. No, this was not an April Fool's joke, I played 13. Kh1(??). It was an honest mouse-slip that cost me the game!

I eventually lost the game in short order.

Anyways, I certainly did not enjoy playing that game, though it's the type of thing I look back at and laugh at. I hope as always you enjoyed this post!

Feel free to share your mouse-slips! See you soon...