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Carlsen Lost Due To An Illegal Move!!! (TAKEN BACK!)

Carlsen Lost Due To An Illegal Move!!! (TAKEN BACK!)

Dec 29, 2017, 8:47 AM 16

I just have to share. Magnus Carlsen lost round 1 of the World Blitz Championships!

Magnus Carlsen was White and just played Rxb7+. His opponent, Ernesto Inarkiev, ignored this, and played Nd3+! So Carlsen called the arbiter, right? Wrong! He ignored THAT move, and played Kc2! Inarkiev FINALLY calls the arbiter, and since Carlsen was the last to make an illegal move, Carlsen loses the game by forfeit! (blitz rules I guess). 
I'm sure Peter Doggers will have more on that later, but... CRAZY!!!
BREAKING: Carlsen appealed, and was given the right to replay that position! Inarkiev forfeited as a result...

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