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"Drawmaster" Giri Starts 2-0!

"Drawmaster" Giri Starts 2-0!

Jan 15, 2018, 6:59 AM 25

Hey, guys!

The first round of Tata Steel, I covered how Kramnik slowly but surely defeated the young talent, Wei Yi. We see an interesting round 2 game, in which "Drawmaster" (or so they say) scores his first career victory over Vladimir Kramnik. Giri is indeed trying to shake off any "drawing" criticisms, as he begins Tata Steel 2-0. Let's dive into the game! 


Will Giri's doubled pawns mean anything later on? They may be troublesome at the moment, though he does have the open b and d-files to operate on, as well as the Bishop pair, which should provide at least some compensation for the doubled isolated pawns.


Whose position do you like better? Black's Rook will be abandoning the a-file for his weak d-pawn, thus giving White free range on that line. And White has all kinds of targets on b6 and d6. I know the c4-pawn is weak, though Black's problems outnumber White's. I don't know about you, but I think Giri's position is super comfortable.

White went on to win the game without much trouble.
Giri is trying to become the first "hometown hero" to win this tournament on Dutch soil since Jan Timman did so in 1985!
I hope you enjoyed the game, and as always, leave your comments and thoughts! I may or may not get to the round 3 game soon, but until then...

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