Interactive Game Analysis: Another (hopefully!) Never Ending Series!

Interactive Game Analysis: Another (hopefully!) Never Ending Series!

Jan 10, 2018, 5:52 PM |

Hello, guys!

In light that Path To Chess Prosperity consumes a good margin of my chess energy and time (and it will most certainly continue), I wanted to find value in consistently writing about other things.

One aspect many chess players (myself included!) lack is the masterpieces of the greats of chess, both past, and present. We may know that Carlsen won a nice endgame against Caruana that one tournament, though do we really know how the game developed? The moves which propelled him to victory? The tactical patterns as well as the positional attributes which occurred in the game? Some players are good at remembering these things (and good job to you!), though many of us have short memory spans, and don't contain that information (myself included!).


World Champion Magnus Carlsen will certainly have his fair share of appearances in this series!

As far as who we will analyze, it could be virtually anyone! From savage Steinitz, ferocious Fischer, to canny Carlsen! Generally, during a super-tournament (Tata Steel, for instance, is coming up!), we will look at games from that event, likely one round per day (though my posts may be somewhat outdated ). 

Other than that, I will take suggestions! If they are good and have not been covered, I may look into it and maybe post it! Other than that, I may search through for past master games, and come up with some the crowd would like to see!


These two players will certainly be worth looking into. Their number of mutual games is countless!

How will the post be structured? Come to think of it, sometimes, a simple diagram with words/moves/annotations may be a bit on the tough side to comprehend. We frequently need to shift our eyes between the pieces and writings, and we often don't know when the critical moments were.

My plan is to go through the game step by step. We will discuss the opening, some variations possible, and maybe even some other sample games with similar opening moves. Likely, when a critical moment is reached, I will post a screenshot of the position, supported by arrows and highlighted squares. 

When the endgame arrises, we will try and dive into the techniques used by the players, possible winning or drawing plans by either player, etc. 

My goal is to make these posts interactive so that the reader can peacefully sit down and absorb the whole game and the story of it.

I hope you are looking forward to this series as much as I am! Tata Steel begins Saturday, which I will likely be covering, though between now and next week, I would like to get into a game to analyze. Feel free to send me suggestions! But otherwise, I will find something fun to analyze! 

And also, let me know if you have any suggestions in regards to the structure of future game posts. I have not done this very much, though it will be a fun challenge!

Until then...