Learn From The Masters: Carlsen-Caruana Preview #1

Learn From The Masters: Carlsen-Caruana Preview #1


What's up, everyone?

We are all heavily anticipating the 2018 World Chess Championship come this month. With bloggers like @vinniethepooh, @ddt_ru, @AlexColovic headlining previews of this epic match, I don't think a match has ever been this anticipating for chess fans.

I would like to take my own approach on this WCC match as a top blogger. I don't know how many games I will be able to muster up before November 9th, however, I would like to display some of the best games between Carlsen and Caruana in their prime. 

Remember when Caruana started 7/7 in the 2nd Annual Sinquefield Cup? That was one of the first tournaments I followed as a kid! Fabiano Caruana had an epic game against the World #1 and World Champion Magnus Carlsen. Might I point out that you may be complaining, "But that game was a wild and complicated game from when they were younger! This is not a proper preview! None of the games in November will be anything like this!!!".

Ladies and Gentleman... Magnus Carlsen (at the time of this game) was near his epic peak at 2877, while Fabiano Caruana also peaked in this tournament at 2844. And while I don't disagree that the games probably won't be insane like this, even the World #1 and World #2 players in chess can produce high octane games. Without further ado:

The Opening:


In a worse position, Magnus fires a shot with 15. Bxf7(!!). And there is already an opportunity for Fabi to go wrong. If 15... Qxf7, 16. Nxe5 simply wins with Qh5+ looming in the air. So, ironically, the American is forced to walk into a discovered check with 15... Kxf7.

If you don't want to see another epic move which even Carlsen called amazing, then DONT SCROLL DOWN!!!



What can I say? Black has a Bishop hanging, a Rook hanging, is on his toes tactially against the World Champion at his prime, and hangs yet another piece. OMG...

Well... we can see that White is in trouble if he takes the Rook. After 21. Rxa8(??), Qe3+, 22. Kh1, Nf2+(!) wins the game. And if White takes the Bishop?

I will simply let Fun Master Mike Klein display an astonishing sequence of moves that are simply aesthetic. Skip to about 7:20 to see that particular variation (although, I love the whole video, and it was one of the first chess videos I watched when I was starting out). Don't have a diamond membership? Feel free to support Chess.com today! (Just renewed mine two days ago! ). And even if you don't feel like purchasing a diamond, it's one heck of a puzzle to solve!

Image result for diamond

Back to the game...

I think we've had enough spoilers...

The Blunder:


What more can I say? This is a pretty simple move for a World Champion to miss.

What more can I say? I do admit that this will probably be the most exciting Carlsen-Caruana game in the series, though feel free to make suggestions in the comments! Whew!


Of course, I did not do this analysis on my own! I did use Mike Klein's awesome video for much of this analysis.

I also used YouTuber Chessnetwork's video on this game in preparation for this post.

I hope you enjoyed it. This was certainly my favorite post in awhile. I will see you soon!